Wednesday, July 19, 2017


In the morning, we visited Pearl Luggers, where a restored boat, the Sam Male, has pride of place. There is a lot of information about the history of the pearling industry. The huge copper helmets and heavy boots weighing 20 kilos each were on display. This diving equipment was standard till the early 1970's.

I also visited the Kailis Pearl Shop, admired everything, and talked to the manager about the Kailis family. It was Dr Patricia Kailis, a scientist, who had married into the family and saved the pearl industry from a disease which threatened the oysters growing in close proximity in the pearl beds.


Big day for early morning camel rides. The red camels took off at  8.00 am. One camel was having a day off and doing a photo shoot on the sea. His handler gently persuaded him to step into the shallow water, whilst a professional photographer in a wet suit was recording it all.

Gantheaume Point

Another chance to view the sunset last night: amongst the red rocks at Gantheaume. We got there early, so that we could pick our way over the boulders with a gammy knee and gammy hip. We saw the ospreys feeding their young on the lighthouse tower. There was also a young Asian couple with a drone, taking photos from above.

Girl with drone in the sky to her left


Sun going down.

Afterwards we returned to the Wharf Restaurant for more seafood. JL had threadfin salmon and I had jumbo prawns.  There was also a huge cruise ship at the end of the jetty, "lit up like a mill", as coach loads of passengers returned from their day out.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017


"That most magical time of day when the sun kisses the horizon, its swirling curtain of light a fiery fusion of crimson, pink, orange and purple"

"... and it is in Broome that you'll experience the most famous Australian sunsets of all. Here the ocean rises to meet the sun's rays as she dips gradually  into the darkening western sky. In a fleeting moment she disappears over the edge of the world."  (Kailis Pearls brochure).

A perfect sunset at Cable Beach last night.

JL having a drink with new friends at Cable Beach Sunset Bar.

Dining In

Last night we cranked up the BBQ and had dinner in our own private courtyard. On the menu: lamb chops, Greek salad and a delicious Oyster Bay Merlot.

Statue guarding the entrance to our courtyard.

This morning, it was time for a bit of retail therapy in town: a new swimsuit, a visit to the Broome Bead Shop, a quick look round Paspaley Pearls and finally a trip out to the handmaiden soap factory.

Monday, July 17, 2017

The Wharf

JL's sister Ann invited us to have lunch at The Wharf Restaurant near the port.  They specialise in fresh seafood.  As we were waiting to be served, many many animal transporters passed by with prime cattle on their way to Indonesia.

The boat at the end of the jetty.

My chargrilled squid.

Ann's Vietnamese soup.

Luscious prawns: must go and order these another day!

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Cable Beach

A walk on the beach before breakfast is one of the delights of Broome.

The beach goes on for miles.  Later in the day this is a favourite spot for nudists.

Patterns in the sand and rocks.

Blue camels setting off at 8.15 am.

Coming up from the beach.